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Mirror Man Costume  man has been designed for event agencies, troupes of creative artists, theatres, animators as well as individual artists. This costumes looks great on living statues, animation artists and entertainers meeting guest, dancing on stage or among quests or posing for photos near photo zones. A group of artists in mirror men suits is a solution for parades and festivals.


– Use the disco ball effect of a mirror man costume to attract glances in any lightning conditions: with lasers and sop-hies on stage, in the sunlight the open air, or in the artificial light of restaurants and shopping malls. – Change your performance every time you need it thanks to additional accessories and pair costumes available (costumes of mirror ladies). – Invest wisely: you can use a mirror man costume for years and on different artists of both sexes thanks to easy maintenance and anonymity. This mirror costumes will pay off very soon. – Don’t restrict your performance just by posing in a mirror suit. Move and dance freely in it thanks to flexibility of a mirror man outfit. – Use it as a bright addition of the show or as the main specialty. – Mirror man costume can be personalized up to your needs: accessories, color, size, tiles form.

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